historic prison

Yuma Rest Week

Last winter we spent nearly six weeks in Yuma. Not so much because it was a planned destination but because I (Mike) needed some doctoring (dermatologist). Diagnosis, surgery and checkup required staying in the area four weeks longer than we really wanted.

This time we figured to stay about a week. Instead of going back to the Escapee park we opted to boondock at the west end of town at the Paradise Casino. RVing friends had told us about this place and recommended we try it out. We spent eight nights there – all free! From this location, we ventured out for shopping, getting mail in Winterhaven, a few meals, some geocaching and even a little sightseeing of local historic places.

One site that was really interesting to visit was the Yuma Territorial Prisonnow a historical state park. It operated for 33 years beginning in 1876 as a prison, followed by a temporary high school, a medical facility, a veteran’s clubhouse, a museum operated by the city and was even occupied by the homeless and destitute during the Great Depression. It has operated since 1961 as a state historic park. A very interesting place to visit!

We also discovered two places with really good Mexican food. One at each end of town. At the east end was a tiny place with a big name – Los Manjares De Pepe Foothills. At west end, also a tiny place, was Tacos Mi Ranchito.