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We Love Bend!

Bend is one of our favorite places to stay in Oregon. Not only do we have family there but there is a lot to do if you love the outdoors like we do. We love to paddle, hike, geocache and of course, to photograph in the area. Downtown Bend is fun too as there are some great restaurants and shopping. I love the healthy vibe I get in Bend as most people living there love the outdoors as well.

Because Bend is a popular summer destination we had a hard time finding places to stay. We didn’t make any reservations so many places we checked into were full. We did stay a few times at LaPine State Park, one of our favorite places to camp. What I meant by a few times is that we could only stay 3-4 days at a time and then leave, find another place to stay and come back again. It definitely wasn’t ideal as we should have had reservations which would have made it much easier. Our paid fall back was Cascade Meadows RV Resort in LaPine. It wasn’t our favorite RV park as it was just a big meadow along the highway but it worked in a pinch.

Visiting with Mike’s daughter and family of course was the huge highlight of our month long stay there. We haven’t had a chance to visit with them more than once a year in the past. During our time there we were able to spend much more time with them which was so nice.

Our favorite place to paddle was Hosmer Lake along the Cascade Highway. Not only was it great to see all the beautiful mountain views surrounding the lake, but the Bald Eagles there were incredible! The thing we really liked about paddling this lake is that there are interesting paths through the reeds. It was the best place we’d found to paddle in a long time.

Next year, we hope to return and we’ll be a little more prepared with where to stay. We may even try out some free places to camp we heard about afterwards.