Rejuvenation at Whitewater Draw Wildlife Area

We needed some serious relaxation after being cooped up on a half acre Christmas tree lot for five weeks. Where to go? A remote wildlife refuge sounded good! Whitewater Draw had been on our radar ever since my longtime RVing parents told us about it. The refuge was less than an hour from Sierra Vista. This was perfect since we needed to return to Sierra Vista in a week to have a tow bar and hitch installed. In addition, one of our favorite little towns (Bisbee) was only 30 minutes away!

Upon arrival, we set up in what we think is the best campsite on the property. Picture four campsites roughly arranged in a circle with the main road bisecting the circle and vault toilet dead center. Three of the campsites were fairly close together on one side of the circle and ours was the lone campsite on the other side. Yes! No close neighbors!

The biggest public draw to this refuge is the birding – in particular, it is inundated with sandhill cranes this time of year. We enjoyed several evening and morning mass flights of these noisy birds every day. Check them out on this webcam!

Also interesting to watch were the huge groups of yellow headed blackbirds. They seemed choreographed as they swooped through the marshy areas in Nike-like swooshing patterns, splitting off into smaller groups then rejoining them seconds later and finally settling into tall reeds and cattails for their nightly chatter sessions that rivaled the cranes.

Most of our time was spent at the refuge but we did manage two day trips into Bisbee. Yes, it’s a bit touristy but it’s also quirky enough to keep us coming back.

Great place to kick back and rejuvenate!

Photos from Bisbee and Lowell