Quartzsite, AZ: The Newbie Perspective

Quartzsite – an oddity in the western Arizona desert!

A tiny truck stop community along a barren stretch of freeway between Los Angeles and Phoenix that explodes in size each January and February playing host to a two month long gem, RV, swap meet show. It could be described, arguably, as the RV boondocking capital of the world. Their website boasts over two million visitors each year!

I must say, at the outset, that Patricia and I like our solitude. We prefer to find quiet, out-of-the-way places to stay. Crowds of people in a huge fair-like atmosphere are to be avoided! Why then did we come to Quartzsite?

Friends and acquaintances encouraged us to experience it and we wanted to decide for ourselves whether or not it was our cup of tea.

We did drive into town to attend the RV Show on one day only. Just as we thought, the endless booths of mostly flee market items didn’t appeal to us.  It surprisingly had more of those type of booths than the RV related items we were interested in seeing.

The best part is that we got together again with friends we stayed with from RV Happy Hour. We also enjoyed the evening fly overs from people paramotoring above our campsite.

Five days were enough for us, time to move on.