sand dune

North Algodones Dunes Wilderness

After a week in the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, we headed to the Escapee co-op in Yuma to dump tanks and restock for our next adventure destination – a dune field just across the border into California where only foot traffic and horse travel is allowed.

The North Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area is within the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area between California’s Salton Sea and Yuma, Arizona. Patricia saw these dunes last winter while we boondocked on Ogilby Road just outside Yuma. She and a fellow photographer friend drove there one evening to capture pristine sand dunes at sunset and knew she must return when we could spend a few days on site.

Our boondocking resources told us that free camping was allowed in a large paved parking lot (Osborne Lookout Park) just under four miles west of Glamis on Hwy 78 on a short side road about 1000 feet south situated atop a big sand hill. This would be our camp spot for two nights. All we had to do is walk down the side road and cross the highway and we were in the wilderness area!

Initially, we intended to stay 4-5 days but the winds were pretty intense and we were very exposed up on that lookout parking lot. There was room for 3-4 more RV’s but we only had 1-2 neighbors at any given time.

Parking lot camping!

Two days wandering in the wilderness was enough. Maybe we will give it another try one day in calmer conditions. As it was, our daytime excursions into the undisturbed sand dunes was satisfying and I think Patricia was happy with the pictures she got.

Next up was to head back to Yuma for a week.