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Family Time at Patagonia Lake State Park, AZ

Our intention after Saddle Mountain boondocking was to begin moving towards New Mexico where we would likely meet up with my (Mike) parents as they winter almost entirely in their state park system. They have told us many times how much they like the New Mexico state parks. The problem for us has been how cold the nights get during the first half of winter. Back in December, we actually were headed to meet up with them for Christmas in Deming, NM but turned back to warmer temps in Yuma, AZ when a cold spell and precipitation was forecast! Now finally we are headed back for a second attempt! But first, a stop at Patagonia Lake State Park in southeast Arizona….of all things, to meet up with my parents for a week!

Background: This state park holds a special place in my parents heart as they volunteered there for many years and this particular week the park was dedicating a memorial to a former employee of whom they were quite fond. They were already reserved for a whole week and we managed to snag a reservation for four days.

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Mike with his dad at Patagonia Lake

We finally got some kayaking in here! It was a pretty nice lake to paddle. There were even a few geocaches to hunt by watercraft. Lots of different birds to see on the lake – black crowned night heron, great heron, cormorants, ducks etc.

The nearby town of Patagonia was an interesting small community. By their own definition they are a quirky, up and coming art community with a colorful mining history.

One day, we took a drive into the nearby national forest to check out reported boondocking locations in case we decided to stay longer in the area after our four days at the state park. All the good spots for our sized rig were all taken so we passed on that option.


Paddling at Patagonia Lake.