Winter Workamping Job – Christmas Tree Lot Managers

Our First Workamping Job begins

In a nutshell, we spent Thanksgiving through Christmas in Sierra Vista, AZ managing a Christmas tree lot.

The backstory: Last summer, while volunteering at Champoeg State Park in Oregon, fellow volunteers introduced us to the idea of working the Christmas season managing a tree lot in Arizona.  We didn’t really warm up to the idea until a couple of months later.  It seemed like an opportunity to earn some extra income to accomplish a long overdue traveling goal – install a tow hitch and update a few other things. Both of us have been driving separately for over a year now and it was getting old!

We moved onto the lot a couple of days before Thanksgiving.  A load of trees had already been delivered.  A seasoned couple were at the lot as well to orient us to the job.  Together we prepared for opening to the public the very next day.  This involved unwrapping each tree, putting it on a stand and getting it under the large tent.  In addition, we needed to hire a work force of 6-8 people to assist with sales, customer service and tree processing.  There was already a core group of previous workers to pull from as this lot has been well established in this town for over a decade.  In no time, we had a good group selected and were open to the public prior to Thanksgiving Day.

For the next five weeks, our life was not our own!  Open for business 9am to 9pm every day through Christmas Eve!  This really left us no time to explore our surroundings.  We understood that and knew that getting the tow hitch work finally accomplished would be worth it.  We could always hang around the area afterwards.  We did.

There were many gorgeous sunrises & sunsets in Sierra Vista!

Our Goal is Accomplished!

By the time Christmas Day arrived, we had new friends (our workers were just great people and fun to be around) and had sold 1003 Christmas trees to a very friendly community!  We regret not taking time to video or photograph more of the day to day operation.  Sleep quickly became more important!