The Beginning: Moving into the RV

March 1st finally arrived and we moved into our RV! It was a big step considering we we weren’t leaving on our nomadic new lifestyle until the first of July. We had a number of garage sales to get rid of our extra “stuff” but we still had a pile of things we needed to get rid of. Fortunately, we didn’t have to be out of our home until the end of March. So we had some time to deal with cleaning the place and sorting through more items we needed to ditch.

Mike and I are really glad we decided to move into the RV months before leaving as it gave us a chance to get to know our rig and adjust to living a minimal lifestyle.

The place we moved into, Alder Acres RV Park was in our local town of Coos Bay and we thought it was one of the nicer RV Parks around. The monthly rate was only $325 per month, plus electric. Our electric bill was low compared to living in a full sized home. I think we averaged about $13 per month. We also payed for cable so we could have TV and internet.  The park had wifi but we didn’t want to deal with a public, unsecured wifi since we would be living there for four months.

We had already sold Mike’s pickup truck months earlier so we were down to living with one vehicle. Since my job at the college was really close to the RV park he just drove me to work most days or I walked.

Our next step is to replace our Kia Sorento with a new car we can tow from the motorhome.  It’s too bad we couldn’t tow our Kia with all four wheels down because it was paid for and we really loved the car.  We had put a lot of miles on it though and it was starting to have problems so it was good timing to start looking for the right car to tow.