Second Year By The Numbers

It appears I neglected to summarize (by the numbers) our second year as full-time nomads. Here it is, six months late.

The following information covers 7-1-16 to 6-30-17 for second year numbers:

Miles Driven

In this, our second year on the road, we finally are towing the Honda behind the motorhome! That was accomplished in the first week of 2017. Accordingly, the Honda miles went way down from year one. No more walkie talkie’s for communication on travel days!

Motorhome – 7159 miles (almost 600 monthly). This figure represents the total trip distance. Oregon – California – Utah – Nevada – Arizona – New Mexico – Colorado.

Honda CRV – 14,956 miles ( just over 1200 monthly). Quite a difference from last year due to towing the Honda for half of the year. We cut our car miles nearly in half!

Campsite Costs

We continued to hone our boondocking skills and found new and fun places to camp free. We didn’t spend money on solar panels to just sit in full hookup rv parks!

Number of days free camping:  323 (88% of the year!)  (Caveat – 184 of these days were Oregon State Park volunteer gigs)

Number of days paid camping:  42 (12% of the year) – Averaging $18/night


National Parks continued to be central to our destination decision making. We didn’t visit as many national parks or monuments as in year one but we aren’t in a hurry. Along with repeat visits to White Sands National Park and Saguaro National Park, we visited Joshua Tree and Grand Canyon. In addition, we visited a new-to-us and new-to-America (2014) national monument: The Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument near Las Cruces, NM.


I will conclude with the number of geocaches found in this one year period  –  880 geocaches found.

With a second year under our belts, we feel much more comfortable with our nomadic lifestyle and look forward to many more years of travel!