Our First Catastrophe in the RV!

While we were at Cascade Meadows RV Park in LaPine, Oregon we had our first catastrophe in the RV!

It was very hot and we had our air conditioning running in the RV. Mike and I were both working on our computers so we didn’t hear the toilet overflowing and water running down the hall to the kitchen area. The handle had stuck after the last flushing so the water was filling up and overflowing. Fortunately, the water was clean. None the less, it was a shocking mess to clean up. I felt really bad as I was the one that used it last.

The weather was in triple digits that day so after mopping up the water with all the towels we had on hand, it all dried pretty quickly. Even the towels left out on the picnic table dried fast so we could keep reusing them. None of the wood or wood composites were damaged so we were very thankful.

We learned a lesson that day. Now we always make sure that the toilet pedal doesn’t stick. We also always turn off the water when we leave for any length of time.