One Year Living In Our RV

March 1st marked one year living in our RV. You can read about it here. After selling most of our belongings, we took the RV out of storage and moved it to Alder Acres RV Park in our hometown of Coos Bay. There we stayed until my last day of work at the end of June. July 1, 2015 is when we began traveling full-time.  We seriously, have not looked back. When July 1st comes along this year, I’m sure we’ll have a post about one year of traveling, but I wanted to write about how it feels to live one year in an RV.

Mike & I both love this minimal travel lifestyle. We definitely don’t miss all the stuff we clung to or the sticks and brick home. We have met so many amazing people along the way. Many doing what we are doing and loving it as well. We can’t image going back to the way things were before.

We have heard from friends and others we come across that tell us they would love to do what we are doing but they can’t give up their homes and many of their personal items. Our lifestyle is not for everyone. I would never trade all our travel experiences for more things or physical stuff.  After all, it’s just stuff.

Sitting all day long in an office setting is no longer something I would ever go back to. Even with my photography business, sometimes I find myself sitting too much on the computer. I just know after a few hours now, it’s time to stop for the day and get outside to play! Occasionally I’ll need to get some work done so I’ll plan to just stay home and work all day to get things done. But unlike working in an office for someone else, I can take a break and go for walks.  So what does Mike do when I say I need to get some work done?  He plans on getting out to geocache in the local area wherever we are. We both end up doing the things we want to do.  There’s no employer to dictate what we’ll be doing that day. The freedom to plan your own day and do the things you want to do is priceless. It really boils down to a stress free life and we love it.

If we can do it, you can do it

If you are one of those that dream of traveling full-time in an RV, I want to encourage you to start making plans. You can do it, honestly, you can. Pay off your debt and start saving money. If you still need to make a living, you’d be blown away by all the people we’ve come across that are living and working on the road making a wage.

Mike & I have been fortunate to meet up with Mike’s parents who are snowbirds a couple of times. They love spending the fall and winter in the southwest. This year they’ll both turn 81 years old! They are still going strong, stay healthy and love the outdoors. By staying active and traveling to places they love, they are staying healthy.  I hope when I’m their age we are the same.

Our home is where we park our RV

You might be wondering how we feel about the RV we chose. The size of our RV feels just right to us. Yes, there would probably be a few things we would change if we could, but they are very minor and we don’t give them much thought. We haven’t felt any restrictions to where we can go and park our RV. We are glad we didn’t pick out something longer than 32′ as that just wouldn’t be for us. We like boondocking and staying at campgrounds the most. Even though we’ve stayed at a few RV parks along the way for various reasons, it’s not our first choice. And not only that, they can be very expensive. If we can stay for free or at low cost, that is more of a sustainable lifestyle for us.

To sum it up, we are nomads but we have a home. Our home is our RV. Unlike living in one place, in a stationary house, we are free to change our scenery whenever we want to. We don’t know how long we’ll continue this RV lifestyle but for now, this is what we are doing and we love it.