One Year Living Nomadically in our RV

Today, July 1st marks one year since we hit the road and began our journey living a nomadic life in our RV. On March 1st of this year I wrote a post about living one year in our RV. We had moved into our RV prior to leaving so that we could get used to living in it.  It was kind of an odd time to begin our journey because of the 4th of July holiday but it seemed to work out ok.  The first place we visited was Mike’s parents who live in Dufur, Oregon. They are snowbirds so we were anxious to see them and of course to talk about the RV lifestyle with them!

Mike and I worked hard to document our year of travels on this blog. It’s close to being current! We also post to Facebook and Instagram if you are interested in following on any of these social networks.

A few months ago we decided to open a YouTube account to post the videos we were compiling along the way. Mike use to create lots of videos of our kayak or hiking excursions but he lost interest. I decided I would learn how to put the short clips together that we both were taking with our iPhones. So if you have some time check out our YouTube channel and subscribe!

Currently, we are back in our home state of Oregon. We decided to be close to our family for the summer. The cheapest way to do this is to camp host. Since June 1st we’ve been working at Champoeg State Park Visitor Center & Museum near Newberg, Oregon. We have a great campsite in their beautiful campground for only working 2 days on and 4 off. I’ll be writing more about this experience in a separate blog post later.

To sum up our experiences as full-time RV travelers, Mike and I simply love the lifestyle. We’ve seen incredible places and made many new friends along the way. Our year has been amazing and we wouldn’t trade it for anything.