Got Hitch’d!

If you have been reading our blog or following our travels since we started our nomadic life in July 2015 you know that we have traveled the entire time with both of us driving separate rigs – Patricia, the Honda CRV and me, the motorhome. Yup, that is 18 months and roughly 8000 miles! It was about 15 months longer than we had estimated due mostly to the sticker shock of the whole installation package. As shared two posts back, it was the sole purpose for managing the Christmas Tree lot in December – a shot of extra cash to pay for the install.

Fast forward to January 2017 and we are officially hitched! The install was done by Hitchin Post Iron of Sierra Vista, AZ. They did a great job and had us rolling in less than a day. We highly recommend them.

We had a Blue Ox RV Mounted Hitch installed. RV mounted because we didn’t want that ugly hitch on the front grill of the Honda when not towing.

So after a few hundred miles towing, all is good! I have the hitching and unhitching procedure down and Patricia is super happy about riding shotgun now!