First Year by the Numbers

I thought I would supplement Patricia’s summary of our first year full-time RVing with a few facts and figures. For those interested, I will just share a few stats that most full-time travelers I’ve come across like to talk to one another about.

The following information covers 7-1-15 to 6-30-16 for first year numbers:

Miles Driven

I have to break this into motorhome miles and car miles. Notice I’m calling it car miles, not tow car miles. You will remember we haven’t towed the Honda CRV behind the motorhome yet. An entire year with both of us driving. We hope to change that before winter travels.

Motorhome – 8970 miles (747 monthly). This figure represents the total trip distance. Oregon – California – Utah – Nevada – Arizona – New Mexico – Colorado.

Honda CRV – 23,278 miles ( nearly 2000 monthly). Quite a difference, I know. Nearly three times that of the MH! However it represents exactly how we intended to full time RV – parking the RV in a general region then sightseeing by day trips (in contrast to pickup + fifth wheel where we would want to move more frequently to get closer to sightseeing destinations). Imagine how much costlier it would be fueling a gas hog pickup those same miles!

Campsite Costs

To keep monthly costs down, we concentrated seriously on looking for free places to stay – the art of boondocking. With help from experienced friends we were pretty successful once we made it to the southwest where there is an abundance of free public land.

July through November – Averaged only 7 days per month free camping. Time in the Pacific Northwest and travel towards the Southwest.

December through June – Averaged 23 days per month free camping! Solar install in February made a huge difference!


National Parks have been high on our priority list. We managed visiting nearly 20 parks or monuments. We spent the most time in Zion NP in Utah. Enjoyed these well known parks like Zion, Bryce, Redwoods, White Sands and Death Valley as well as lesser known parks such as Pipe Springs (AZ) and Manzanar (CA). We are just making a dent in our National Park passport book and look forward to visiting many more in coming years.


I will conclude with the number of geocaches found in this one year period  –  1210 geocaches found.

It’s been an awesome year with a huge learning curve and no regrets! Bring on year TWO!