A Walk Through

A Walk Through of Our RV

I’ve done a walk through of our RV for those that were curious and have asked to see our interior space. I’ve taken photos as well as included a video. I used a wide angle lens for the photos so there is a bit of distortion on some of them. It’s difficult to photograph such a small space without using a wide angle lens.

Here’s a few stats on our motorhome:

  • 31′ 2011 Four Winds Serrano
  • Interior is about 200 sq. ft.
  • Front End Diesel
  • Purchased October 2014
  • Mileage 20,000 (12,000 date of purchase)

Interior Wishlist:

I’ve never been a fan of RV interiors. This is probably why our first RV was a Thor @TAB, silver with red trim. I wish RV manufacturers would modernize interiors. I like color so I hope to make some changes to make it more homey and more to my personal taste.

Full-time travelers and bloggers, Gone With The Wynns have written about how RV manufacturers have not modernized their interior decor much over the years. They also talk about exterior swirls. They even polled their audience about the subject. It’s worth checking out their piece titled Resurrecting Dinosaurs – Influencing RV Design Changes.

  • Carpets – Replace with a lighter colored flooring that looks like wooden floors since we have dark cabinets.
  • Dinette Cushions – Recover with something other than brown, maybe red!
  • Driver & Passenger Chairs – The fabric is starting to peel. Probably recover with truck seat covers because the cost of reupholstering them.
  • Window Valances – Replace with RV day & night shades. And recover the valances or remove them altogether. I may even make my own curtains.

I always enjoy checking out photos of other full-timer’s RV interiors, especially those that do a lot of customizations. Enjoy!