About Us

IMG_0992-2We are Mike and Patricia Davidson.  We’ve been living on the Oregon Coast for a number of years. We love God, family, hiking, kayaking, geocaching and photography. We have six grown children between us and ten grandchildren. We are truly blessed!

Mike is a retired forester that worked for the Oregon Department of Forestry in Coos Bay for over 32 years.  It was his first job out of college (Washington State University ’79) so he was able to retire at the age of 56 in 2011. He is an avid geocacher and explorer of the outdoors.

Patricia has been handcrafting websites for over 15 years. She freelanced for several years in her own business before working for a small Oregon Coast community college as the Web System Administrator. In 2015 she left her job at the college to pursue her passion for landscape photography and to spend more time outdoors.

In 2006 we bought a T@B trailer.  We had our little “T@Bin In The Woods” for over 6 years.  We had such a great time traveling around the state of Oregon and beyond that we got this idea that perhaps we could one day get something bigger and travel full time. We sold our teardrop trailer in 2012 and began looking for the right rig.

trailer and couple in front

Our T@B Trailer and us.

In October 2014 we bought a Four Winds Serrano 31′ Class A Motorhome.  We kept it in storage until March of 2015 when we moved it to an RV Park in our home town and moved in to get used to living in a small space.  We sold all our furniture and lots of other stuff to adjust to living a minimal lifestyle.  After numerous garage sales we finally did it and condensed our “stuff” to only six tubs of keepsakes.  Mike’s parents offered to store our keepsakes at their home as they are snowbirds and had plenty of room.  The rest of our belongings we carry are all things we use and need, nothing more.  We honestly don’t miss all that extra “stuff”!

car and motorhome

Our Motorhome & car tucked in at our campsite in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada.

On July 1, 2015, we left our home town and began our nomadic lifestyle.  A lot of people ask us how long we plan to travel. Our answer to them has been that we plan on traveling until we don’t want to anymore.  All we know for sure is that there is so much we’ve never seen in the USA and Canada and we are looking forward to covering a lot of ground on our own timing.

This blog is a travel journal of places we go and things we learn as we go along.  We invite you to follow and join us on our journey.

~ Mike and Patricia Davidson